Volume: 7
Issue: 3
Year: 2019
J ETA Maritime Sci: ()
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1.A Quantitative Analysis of the Factors That May Cause Occupational Accidents at Ports
Mahmut Mollaoğlu, Umur Bucak, Hakan Demirel
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2.Academicians Viewpoint on Port Managers Prior Competencies in terms of Environmental Sustainability Performance of Container Port Enterprises in Turkey
Özgür Tezcan, Barış Kuleyin
doi: 10.5505/jems.2019.29491  Page 0

3.ACFD Study On the Hydrodynamic Characteristics of the Antifouling Paints
Utku Cem Karabulut, Yavuz Hakan Özdemir, Barış Barlas
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4.Antecedents and Consequences of Cybersecurity Awareness: A Case Study for Turkish Maritime Sector
Pelin Bolat, Gizem Kayişoğlu
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5.Maneuvering Simulation of a VLCC from Bosphorus in Autopilot Mode
İsmail Bayezit, Rahman Bitirgen, Muhsin Hançer, Omer Kemal Kinaci, Omer Kemal Kinaci
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6.Parametric Sail Analysis of Sailing Yachts in 9-20 Meters
Sarih Sarı, Muhsin Aydın
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7.Usability of Human Error Assessment and Reduction Technique with a 4M framework (HEART–4M) – A Case Study on Ship Grounding Accidents
Ludfi Pratiwi Bowo, Masao Furusho
doi: 10.5505/jems.2019.54775  Page 0

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