E-ISSN: 2148-9386
Journal of ETA Maritime Science - JEMS Maritime Sci: 10 (1)
Volume: 10  Issue: 1 - 2022
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Pages I - II

Selçuk Nas
doi: 10.4274/jems.2022.69320  Page 1
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3.A Fuzzy-Bayesian Approach on the Bankruptcy of Hanjin Shipping
Muhammet Aydın, Bünyamin Kamal
doi: 10.4274/jems.2021.56689  Pages 2 - 15

4.Decision-making under Risk: A Ship Sale and Purchase Problem by Utilizing Cumulative Prospect Theory
Aytek Güngör, Barış Barlas
doi: 10.4274/jems.2021.01488  Pages 16 - 28

5.Performance and Reliability Monitoring of Ship Hybrid Power Plants
Charalampos Tsoumpris, Gerasimos Theotokatos
doi: 10.4274/jems.2022.82621  Pages 29 - 38

6.Data-driven Ship Domain for Open Water Navigation
Ülkü Öztürk
doi: 10.4274/jems.2022.52386  Pages 39 - 46

7.A Set of Criteria for Logistics Center Development: A Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process
Didem Çavuşoğlu, Yusuf Zorba, Soner Esmer
doi: 10.4274/jems.2022.37980  Pages 47 - 60

8.An Optimized Routing Procedure for Safe Navigation of Large Tankers in the Strait of Istanbul
Deniz Öztürk, Kadir Sarıöz
doi: 10.4274/jems.2022.62534  Pages 61 - 73

9.Exploring Instagram-Based Social Media Marketing Approaches of Yacht Training Services: A Content Analysis of Photographs
Serim Paker, Neslihan Paker
doi: 10.4274/jems.2022.76093  Pages 74 - 85

10.Understanding the Influencers of Freight Rate Forecasting Accuracy: A Meta-Regression Analysis of the Literature
Cemile Solak Fışkın, Ersin Fırat Akgül
doi: 10.4274/jems.2022.87894  Pages 86 - 95

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