E-ISSN: 2148-9386
Analysis of the Structure of Marine Propeller Blades for Ice Navigation [JEMS Maritime Sci]
JEMS Maritime Sci. 2024; 12(1): 74-82 | DOI: 10.4274/jems.2024.97769

Analysis of the Structure of Marine Propeller Blades for Ice Navigation

Aydın Bozkurt1, Melek Ertogan2
1Istanbul Technical University, Graduate School of Science Engineering and Technology, Maritime Transportation Engineering Program, İstanbul, Türkiye
2Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Maritime, Department of Maritime Transportation and Management, İstanbul, Türkiye

This study’s analysis of the maritime propeller blade structure in ice navigation was motivated by an incident that caused the tip of a propeller blade to bend. The aim of this study was to demonstrate how the ice layer’s confined space effect causes propeller blade tips to bend. Using computer-based software, a three-dimensional model of the propeller was created. The geometry of the three-dimensional propeller model was imported using the finite element approach into another piece of software. The propeller model and the environment were constructed after designing the ice environment. Using the computational fluid dynamics method, flux was calculated, and the composed pressure was derived. Following the specification of the alloy material for the propeller, the static structural module applied pressure values acquired to the propeller to measure the total deformation and stress. The data comparing the results of the simulation study are based on full-scale measurements. The maximum deformation in Ansys was 2.7-3.5 cm, whereas in the incident, it was 12 cm, which can be explained by persistent pressure or repeated initial movement steps. Considering these findings, the reason for blade tip bend, preventive measures, and recommendations have been proposed.

Keywords: Marine propeller, Ice navigation, Structure analysis, Computational fluid dynamics

Aydın Bozkurt, Melek Ertogan. Analysis of the Structure of Marine Propeller Blades for Ice Navigation. JEMS Maritime Sci. 2024; 12(1): 74-82

Corresponding Author: Melek Ertogan, Türkiye
Manuscript Language: English
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