E-ISSN: 2148-9386
Journal of ETA Maritime Science - JEMS Maritime Sci: 11 (2)
Volume: 11  Issue: 2 - 2023
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2.Protecting Intellectual Capital at Sea
Selçuk Nas
doi: 10.4274/jems.2023.67299  Page 67
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3.Comments on the Use of 3D Printing Technology in the Design of an AUV Destined for the Identification and Destruction of Underwater Mines
Mihaela Greti Manea, Catalin-Paul Clinci, Ovidiu Cristea
doi: 10.4274/jems.2023.44712  Pages 68 - 78

4.Simulation of Shockwave Effects on a Ship-like Structure due to Underwater Explosions
Alpaslan Tatlısuluoğlu, Serdar Beji
doi: 10.4274/jems.2023.82713  Pages 79 - 85

5.Maritime Students’ Assessment of Distance Education During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Elif Arslan, Emin Deniz Özkan
doi: 10.4274/jems.2023.92688  Pages 86 - 97

6.Analysis of Organizational Justice in Relation to Organizational Commitment in a Turkish Shipyard Organization
Nihan Şenbursa, Ramadan Tuna Türkeli
doi: 10.4274/jems.2023.57689  Pages 98 - 109

7.Advancing Computational Hydroacoustics for Marine Propellers: Investigating the Limits of Incompressible Solvers in Far-Field Noise Prediction
Ömer Kemal Kınacı, Cihad Delen
doi: 10.4274/jems.2023.35761  Pages 110 - 118

8.Experimental Study of the Heave and Pitch Motions of an Inverted Bow Hull
Abolfath Askarian Khoob, Majid Askari Sayar, Karim Akbari Vakilabadi, Hassan Ghassemi
doi: 10.4274/jems.2023.28291  Pages 119 - 126

9.Volatility Transmission Between Container and Dry Bulk Freight Markets During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Reha Memişoğlu, Seçil Sigalı
doi: 10.4274/jems.2023.66487  Pages 127 - 135

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