E-ISSN: 2148-9386
Journal of ETA Maritime Science - JEMS Maritime Sci: 9 (4)
Volume: 9  Issue: 4 - 2021
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2.Research Environment After COVID-19
Selçuk Nas
doi: 10.4274/jems.2021.60783  Page 221
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3.Effect of Business Operation Period on the Relationship Between Knowledge Management Applications and Ship Performance
Murat Yorulmaz, Ahmet Karabacak
doi: 10.4274/jems.2021.66049  Pages 222 - 232

4.Container Ship Investment Analysis Using Picture Fuzzy Present Worth Analysis
Eda Boltürk
doi: 10.4274/jems.2021.89156  Pages 233 - 242

5.Developing a Scale to Measure the Institutionalization Level of Maritime Family Businesses
Barış Demir, Leyla Tavacıoğlu
doi: 10.4274/jems.2021.16680  Pages 243 - 255

6.Effects of Power Distance on Organizational Commitment: A Study on Maritime Faculty Students
Umut Yıldırım, Arda Toygar, Ahmet Lutfi Tunçel
doi: 10.4274/jems.2021.24650  Pages 256 - 265

7.Experimental and Numerical Investigation of the Effects of Different Draft and Wave Frequency Combinations on the Performance of a Fixed OWC Wave Energy Converter
Deniz Öztürk, Mehmet Ozan Şerifoğlu
doi: 10.4274/jems.2021.82712  Pages 266 - 273

8.The Coupling Effect on Torsional and Longitudinal Vibrations of Marine Propulsion Shaft System
Akile Neşe Halilbeşe, Osman Azmi Özsoysal
doi: 10.4274/jems.2021.68094  Pages 274 - 282

9.Frequency-Domain Ship Motion Code with Python Programming Language
Seyyit Nafiz Arslan, Atakan Yavuz, Ferdi Çakıcı
doi: 10.4274/jems.2021.48303  Pages 283 - 291

10.Post GMC’21 Conference
Osman Turan
doi: 10.4274/jems.2021.51423  Pages 292 - 293

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