E-ISSN: 2148-9386
Journal of ETA Maritime Science - JEMS Maritime Sci: 1 (2)
Volume: 1  Issue: 2 - 2013

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2.Artificial Neural Networks Approach in Modelling An Offshore Petroleum Platform
Ayhan Menteş, Murat Yetkin, Nagihan Türkoğlu, İsmail Yalçın, Hakan Akyıldız, İsmail Hakkı Helvacıoğlu
Pages 1 - 8

3.Journal of ETA Maritime Science (Volume: 1 Issue: 2, 2013)

Pages 1 - 81
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4.A General Comparison in relation to the World Maritime Training Activities
Feramuz Aşkın, Ayşe Yılmaz, Ender Yalçın
Pages 9 - 18

5.Evaluation of Integration of Seaway and Railway in Intermodal Transport in terms of Economic and Environmental Aspects
Cem Saatçioğlu, Mehmet Sıtkı Saygılı
Pages 19 - 26

6.Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of Nitrogen Oxide Formation in A Diesel Engine Converted to LPG
Hüseyin Emre Doğan, Hikmet Arslan, Rafig Mehdiyev
Pages 27 - 38

7.Siege of Malta in 1565 by Ottoman Empire and the Mediterranean Strategy of Suleiman the Magnificent in the 16th century
Levent Kırval
Pages 39 - 46

8.Automation of Loading and Discharging Operation System in Tankers
Murat H. A. Altun, İsmail Çiçek, Ahmet Bilici
Pages 47 - 58

9.Marine Accident Analysis by Using Pairwise Comparison
Yunus Emre Şenol, Bekir Şahin, Serdar Kum
Pages 59 - 64

10.Operational Measures For Energy Efficiency In Shipping
Emin Öztürk
Pages 65 - 72

11.Importance of Data Mining Applications in terms of Logistics and Maritime Sectors
Eyüp Akçetin, Ufuk Çelik, Hidayet Takçı
Pages 73 - 80

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